Providing and maintaining brass instruments

Brass for Africa has delivered over 500 brass instruments to its programmes in Uganda and Liberia as well as essential equipment such as music, music stands, valve oil and slide oil. It has facilitated the set-up of Uganda's only Instrument Repair Workshop and provided instrument repair technician training to local young people.

Instrument repair services
Brass for Africa runs Uganda's only Instrument Repair Workshop where training is provided in instrument repair to local young people, equipping them with the technical skills to maintain the instruments used on the charity's programmes. Technicians trained in these workshops now also provide repair services to several external customers including the Ugandan Military Band. The Instrument Repair Workshop helps to ensure that Brass for Africa's work is sustainable: not only does it provide some commercial income for its services, but it also ensures that a broken or damaged instrument is never a barrier to participation.

In 2014 Brass for Africa took Dawkes Music and Windcraft technician, Abi, to Kampala to train our technicians in brass maintenance and repair.

This ability is core to our ambition of a self-sustainable brass community within Kampala and is a key element of our transferable project plan.