UK Team

The charity is run by a small and dedicated team in the UK
UK team
Africa team
Composer in residence
Key volunteers
  1. Jim Trott
    Founder, trustee and Executive Director Jim began his association with the African continent when he lived and worked for several years as a helicopter pilot in Nigeria in the early 1990's. Since then Jim's work as an airline pilot has allowed him to visit Africa often and in particularly regular trips to Uganda and Liberia. Jim is a keen amateur trumpeter and has been able to combine his passion for music and his day job to found and run Brass for Africa.
  2. Pamela Trott
    Pamela has been involved with Brass for Africa since its inception and has visited Africa and the various programmes many times. Pamela has previously worked in the oil industry, education and commerce but finds her position supporting and administrating Brass for Africa's operations the most fulfilling and worthwhile role ever!
  3. Chris Fower
    Chris is Brass for Africa's ambassador into the professional, brass playing and industry areas of the brass world!