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of the population of Uganda are aged 14 or below. (UNICEF)

It is one of the poorest countries in the world, over 1/3 of its population is living below the international poverty line. As a result more than half of Uganda’s children live in vulnerable situations: they are orphans, or children living in a household headed by another child; they are homeless and living on the street; they are child labourers; they are girls who are mothers before they’ve had a chance to grow up.


of children are out of school and not receiving any form of education. (UNICEF)

Brass for Africa uses music as a tool to empower and transform the lives of more than 1000 extremely disadvantaged, and often disabled children and young people in Uganda and Liberia every week. Working with local organisations, we provide weekly brass music education alongside performance opportunities and life skills training to young people from orphanages, slums, and rehabilitation centres.

Music Education

The programme consists of twice-weekly sessions delivered at each project location, typically led by 2–3 trained teachers and apprentices who have come through the Brass for Africa programmes themselves and understand the challenges faced by the participants.

Life Skills

Brass for Africa targets its provision at the most vulnerable children, who have the fewest opportunities in life and stand to benefit most. Many of these children are orphans (many from HIV) and/or street children, and a significant minority are physically disabled. Music education provides them with the chance to learn, build their confidence and excel, but sometimes further emotional support and practical skills are needed to ensure that participants can fulfil their potential in the long term.

Teacher Training

Brass for Africa’s employment of ex-students and young leaders from its programmes to teach new cohorts is key to the sustainability of our model. Our teaching training programme has currently provided employment opportunities to 18 young teachers, all of who are paid a salary and have access to 1:1 musical training sessions alongside professional and personal development workshops every month. Including topics such as leadership, teamwork and budgeting.

Instrument Repair Workshop

Brass for Africa has our own Instrument Repair Workshop where training is provided in instrument repair to local young people, equipping them with the technical skills to maintain the instruments used on the charity’s programmes. Technicians trained in these workshops now also provide repair services to several external customers including the Ugandan Military Band.


Self Confidence

Leadership Skills


Grit & Perseverance

Problem Solving


Teamwork Skills

Communication Skills

Brass for Africa is constantly reviewing and reflecting on its operation and services to its beneficiaries to ensure maximum benefit and effect. In order to further measure and evaluate the impact of our work we have identified 8 key attributes associated with learning music.

ELTON JOHN AIDS FOUNDATION Creating an aids free future

Brass for Africa are using music education and HIV training to enhance life skills of children living with and affected by HIV to help EJAF achieve their mission of ending the AIDS epidemic by ensuring everyone has the information and means to prevent infection.

RETRAK Shelter for street children

Retrak works to enable street children to move from a life of vulnerability, exclusion and poverty to a life within a positive family or community. Brass for Africa provides a brass band and music therapy programme at three of their centres for boys and girls.

HOPE FOR CHILDREN Every child has the right to a happy, healthy and positive childhood

Brass for Africa deliver a music and life skills programme to children living in one of Uganda’s toughest and poorest places, Namuwongo slum.

M-LISADA Giving street children a home and protection

M-lisada provides a home as well as music, arts and education support to street children in Kampala. Brass for Africa supports Mlisada’s brass band programme and funds several key staff roles within the organisation.

PLAN INTERNATIONAL A just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls

Brass for Africa deliver weekly music education and life skills training to help PLAN empower children, young people and communities to make vital changes that tackle the root causes of discrimination against girls.

KAMPIRINGISA Rehabilitation centre

Kampringisa is Uganda’s only national youth rehabilitation centre, housing children “at conflict with the law”. Brass for Africa provides a brass band programme, life skills, and works with partners Mlisada to provide psycho-social counselling and support.

HANDS FOR HOPE Supporting disadvantaged children

Hands for Hope is a non-profit organisation working with the residents of Kampala’s informal urban settlements. Brass for Africa provides a brass band and life skills programme for the children at the school.

MISSIONARIES OF THE POOR Serving society’s most vulnerable

A religious order working in Kampala to house, feed and clothe destitute children and orphans. Brass for Africa provides brass band training and psycho-social support to children residing in two of the homes, The Good Shepherd Home and The Bethlehem Home.

GLONEVA Supporting children of namuwongo slum

A community-based organisation that provides slum dwelling children with performance arts skills-training in the hope that these children might earn some money to break out of poverty. Brass for Africa provides a brass band and life skills programme for the children at this organisation.

MUMMY FOUNDATION Supporting girls in the Katwe Slum

A community based NGO providing a safe haven and support to girls and teenage mothers in the Katwe slum area of Kampala. Brass for Africa has facilitated the construction of the Mummy Foundation building and provides music education, life skills training alongside salaries for all staff.

SAVE STREET CHILDREN UGANDA A society where no child lives on the street

Save Street Children Uganda (SASCU) is a not for profit, organization working for the protection and rehabilitation of street children, as well as disadvantaged children and youth in Uganda, enabling them to realize and fulfill their potentials and dreams. Brass for Afrca provides a brass band and life skills programme.